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The 7 Best Online Personal Trainers in 2024

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The best workouts are the ones you show up for consistently. Between work, family, and having a social life, it can be hard to find time to hit the gym. Personal training is a great way to get the guidance, accountability, and motivation you need, especially if you’re a beginner or have specific fitness goals in mind. While in-person personal training can be quite expensive, online personal training is often easier on your wallet. Plus, it’s more flexible—you can fit your workouts in whenever and wherever makes sense for you. Our experts spent countless hours testing more than 60 online personal training apps to bring you our top picks so you can find the right fit for your budget, fitness level, personal goals, and desired level of support.

  • Best Online Personal Trainer for Muscle Building: Future
  • Best Online Personal Trainer For Beginners: Caliber
  • Best Online Personal Trainer for Weight Loss: Centr
  • Best Online Personal Trainer for Running: Joggo
  • Best Live Online Personal Trainer: FlexIt
  • Best Online Personal Trainer for Yoga: Down Dog
  • Best Online Personal Trainer for Cardio: Peloton

To learn what most users need from online personal trainers, we consulted Maurice Williams, assistant professor of kinesiology at Freed Hardeman University and N.A.S.M., C.P.T., and Emily Booth, N.A.S.M., C.P.T., and a member of the N.A.S.M. Scientific Advisory Board.

Best Online Personal Trainer for Muscle Building: Future

With Future, your coach designs a workout plan specifically for you and your goals.

At a Glance:

  • Price: $199/month for monthly plan; $149/month for annual plan
  • Functions: Personalized workouts, daily check-ins, rep counting
  • Available For: iOS and Android
  • Equipment Needed: Your coach will design workouts around equipment you already have. Apple Watch or any watch that supports Android WearOS 3.0 or above.
  • Workouts Offered: Strength and cardio

Future matches you with your own fitness coach for completely personalized training. Future is a great choice if you want to gain muscle and build strength because your coach designs a workout plan tailored to your specific goals and the equipment you have. To get started, users complete an intake questionnaire. Future recommends a trainer based on your answers, or you can select your own coach. (If you decide your trainer isn’t the right fit, you can swap coaches at any time.) “Future helps people achieve their fitness goals because it is built in the digital space where a lot of us spend our day. The app is clean and inviting and the setup process only takes a few minutes,” says Williams.

After you match with a coach, you’ll schedule a video call to discuss your fitness goals, ideal workout routine, and personal preferences. From there, your coach will design your workout plan. “I told my coach I like to hit the gym four times a week, so he built me a four-day program alternating between upper and lower body workouts, each twice a week. He also included warmups, which I mentioned was important to me,” says tester Scott Richardson, who used Future for one month. “I’ve tested lots of fitness apps and Future has the most comprehensive workouts.”

Press play on your workout for the day, and the app walks you through each exercise rep by rep, including videos on how to complete the movements and tips for getting the most out of each set. You can film yourself completing a move and send it to your coach for form analysis or input on weight adjustment. While your coach won’t provide feedback in real-time, they typically respond to questions within 24 hours. Coaches are also there for motivation. “I sent my coach a video of one of my single-arm cable row sets so he could check my form. I appreciated his feedback,” says Richardson. “The coaches really hold you accountable to the training program. They can message you at any time to help check in and help you stay on track.”

While Richardson says his overall experience using Future is positive, he didn’t love that he had to wait almost a week between signing up for the program and his initial call with his coach. “I burned the first nine days of my trial just waiting to get started,” says Richardson.

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  • Quality coaching, individualized training program, and helpful feedback including video check-ins and form guidance
  • No equipment requirements
  • Tons of online fitness coaches to choose from, each with different training specialties


  • Smartwatch required
  • Android users report the app freezes and can be buggy
  • No real-time form correction, you’ll have to send a video to a trainer and get feedback at a later time
Download Future

Best Online Personal Trainer For Beginners: Caliber

Caliber coaches design custom fitness and nutrition plans to help users form new, healthy habits.

At a Glance:

  • Price: Pro $19/month (group coaching), Premium $200+/month (personal training), and a free version
  • Functions: Video coaching, weekly lessons, macronutrient tracking, nutrition coaching
  • Available For: iOS and Android
  • Equipment Needed: Your coach will plan workouts around equipment you have access to
  • Workouts Offered: Strength training and cardio

If you need help starting your fitness journey, check out Caliber. Caliber provides a comprehensive, science-based training program incorporating exercise and nutrition to help you form sustainable, healthy habits for long-term success. “It’s evident that Caliber seeks to identify a variety of critical elements in order to customize a plan for each user’s goals, lifestyle, and equipment availability. I also appreciate that users have access to a real trainer with whom they can ask real questions,” says Booth.

I tested the free version of Caliber and designed a week’s worth of training for myself. After answering a few basic questions about the equipment I had, the number of days I wanted to train, and the amount of time I had to exercise each day, the app generated my four-day workout split: Legs, chest and triceps, back and biceps, and shoulders and abs. My leg workout consisted of four movements: the barbell squat, barbell Romanian deadlifts, dumbbell lunges, and seated leg press. As a certified personal trainer, I appreciated this simple, yet effective workout. Each exercise includes a detailed description and video demonstration of proper form, which is beneficial if you’re new to resistance training.

Caliber also has two paid plans: Caliber Premium, which offers one-on-one sessions with a certified personal trainer, and Caliber Pro, which allows users to join an expert-led group focused on specific goals. Tester Cory Kessler, C.P.T., C.N.C., tried the Pro version and was impressed by the workout guides and how much feedback he got from his coach. “I’ve tried a lot of apps, and the tutorials on Caliber are the most in-depth I’ve seen,” says Kessler. “The coaches strike a great balance of accountability and encouragement. Like with Future, coaches are available for questions and can watch videos of your form to give you pointers.”

Individualized coaching is only available with Pro ($19/month) and Premium ($200/month) plans. The free version offers non-customized workout programs and nutrition plans better suited to users with more fitness experience who need less guidance. One downside noted by testers is the app’s interface, which is slightly clunky but still fairly intuitive.


  • Connect with a responsive coach
  • Thorough movement videos for each exercise
  • A free (but less comprehensive) version of this app is available
  • Options for one-on-one and group training available


  • The app asks for daily weigh-ins and weekly progress pictures, which may be triggering for some
  • Personalized nutrition coaching only available with premium plan ($200/month)
Download Caliber

Best Online Personal Trainer for Weight Loss: Centr

Centr provides personalized plans to help users improve their diet, exercise, and mindfulness.

At a Glance:

  • Price: $30/month, $60/three months, or $110/year
  • Functions: Workout plans, meal planning, mindfulness training, and progress tracking
  • Available For: iOS and Android
  • Equipment Needed: Many workouts don’t require any equipment, but others utilize a variety of gym equipment (you can filter the workout videos in the app by equipment need)
  • Workouts Offered: HIIT, strength, cardio, yoga and Pilates, and more

Experts say weight loss is as much about diet and mindset as it is about working out. Centr is our pick for the best online personal trainer app for weight loss because it combines nutrition coaching, mindfulness practices, and exercise into one wellness tool. “What makes Centr stand out from other apps I’ve tried is its balanced and holistic approach to fitness, whereas other programs focus on a specific goal,” says Kessler, who used Centr for two years.

Unlike Future and Caliber, Centr’s workouts aren’t designed specifically for users. Instead, they’re pre-programmed plans aimed at different goals, such as weight loss or building muscle. Each program includes workouts, a meal plan, and mindfulness exercises. “There are at least 20 programs to choose from. The workouts in each program are assigned to a specific day of the week, making it really easy to follow,” Kessler says.

If you’re looking for an online personal trainer to provide accountability on your weight loss journey, Centr probably isn’t the app for you. However, if you’re looking for detailed guidelines and in-depth assistance with meal planning, Centr is a wealth of practical support and resources. “The nutrition component is my favorite part of Centr. I really like how the app focuses on healthy recipes and habits rather than restrictions,” says Kessler. “The app provides a full grocery list making it very convenient to shop, plus all of the suggested meals were delicious.”

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  • At least 20 goal-oriented workout programs to choose from
  • More than 4,000 on-demand workouts including HIIT, Pilates, strength training, and more
  • Mental health programming includes breathwork, meditation, and soundscapes
  • Over 1,000 recipes in categories including vegetarian, under 30 minutes, high-protein, pre-workout, easy, freezable, and meal prep


  • No personalized workouts, just pre-recorded videos organized into different categories and programs
  • No direct interactions with any trainers or dietitians, etc
Download Centr

Best Online Personal Trainer for Running: Joggo

Whether you’re a new runner or training for your next race, Joggo can design a custom plan for you.

At a Glance:

  • Price: $33/one month, $46/three months, $66/six months, and optional strength training for $2/week
  • Functions: GPS tracking and audio guidance for your runs, optional nutrition plans
  • Available For: iOS, Andriod
  • Equipment Needed: Running shoes
  • Workouts Offered: Running and strength training

Running with the Joggo app playing in your headphones is like having a personal trainer alongside you. While you run, a pre-recorded coach guides you from warm-up to cool-down providing encouragement and cues along the way. “I often run too fast to sustain my speed for the entire workout, so I like the reminders to slow down (or in some cases speed up),” says tester Grant Smith. “I also found the breathing techniques helpful.”

After an initial survey to determine your starting point, Joggo creates your custom workout plan with runs two to four times a week and plenty of rest days. “As a newer runner, those first few workouts were pretty challenging, but eventually the program felt more tailored to my running level,” Smith says. The app displays a chart of your pace and distance metrics so you can see your improvements over time.

Another feature that sets Joggo apart from other running apps is its nutrition coaching. Joggo offers grocery lists, healthy recipes, and snack ideas. “This is probably my favorite feature of the app,” says tester Rachel Pasche, an avid runner. “Not only does Joggo offer ideas for pre- and post-workout meals, but it also gives you a grocery list for those recipes, making food shopping a breeze.”

Joggo’s subscription price varies based on the number of months you purchase, which is convenient. For example, if you are using the app to train for a 5k, you can choose a subscription to match the length of your training period. While Joggo pairs with an Apple Watch, it does not sync with any other smartwatches or apps.

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  • Step-by-step coaching in your headphones and GPS tracking as you run
  • Run-specific nutrition coaching geared toward weight loss
  • Tailors your running plan as your fitness level progresses


  • All pre-recorded coaching, not personalized
  • Not compatible with any smartwatches or wearables other than the Apple Watch
Download Joggo

Best Live Online Personal Trainer: FlexIt

FlexIt offers live, virtual personal training sessions so you can get real-time feedback and advice.

At a Glance:

  • Price: Ranges from $44-$84/session based on length of training session and number of sessions purchased
  • Functions: Live, one-on-one training sessions with a personal trainer and/or nutritionist
  • Available For: iOS, Android, and web access
  • Equipment Needed: Trainers will incorporate what you have available
  • Workouts Offered: Cardio, meditation, nutrition, yoga, and more

FlexIt brings one-on-one personal training right to your home via your phone, tablet, or computer. With FlexIt, users are paired with a personal trainer for live, guided workouts over video chat. The biggest difference between FlexIt and apps like Future or Caliber is that your trainer gives you feedback in real-time. “As I was doing the ab portion of a circuit workout, I mentioned some lower back tension,” says tester Colleen Quigley. “My trainer, Chris, told me to stop immediately and guided me through a modification so I could safely and effectively complete the exercise.”

Like many of the apps on our list, FlexIt begins with a questionnaire about your current fitness level and goals. From there you can book your first session with the trainer best suited to your preferred workout style. FlexIt has a long, diverse list of specialists to coach you through cardio workouts, strength sessions, yoga classes, guided meditations, and more. Once you pick the trainer you’d like to work with, you’ll book a time slot in their calendar. “I wanted to try a new experience so I booked a 30-minute guided meditation with Sarah, a yoga instructor,” says tester Joana Neziri. “I’ve taken many yoga classes, but never online or in my own bedroom. I liked how private and personal this was, and I felt calmer during our session than I typically do during in-person yoga class.” In addition to personal training, FlexIt offers various four-week-long programs, including HIIT, bodyweight strength training, and dumbbell strength training. You can complete these workouts on your own, or meet with your “Connected Training” coach, who will customize the program for you.

After your session, your trainer can message you through the app to check in and remind you to book your next appointment. You can choose to book recurring sessions or pick individual sessions with different trainers. FlexIt also offers coaching from registered nutritionists to help you reach your health goals. It has a monthly plan and a pay-as-you-go option. With both plans, the more sessions you book, the greater your discount per session.

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  • Interact with a real personal trainer for the entirety of your online workout
  • Book the same instructor if you like them, or try a bunch of different trainers
  • Offers a variety of workouts from resistance training to yoga, as well as nutrition coaching


  • You might not be able to book the same instructor on a consistent schedule
Download FlexIt

Best Online Personal Trainer for Yoga: Down Dog

Down Dog users get access to multiple types of yoga, including Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin, gentle flows, strength flows, and more.

At a Glance:

  • Price: $8/month or $40/year
  • Functions: Pre-recorded fitness classes
  • Available For: iOS and Android
  • Equipment Needed: Yoga mat
  • Workouts Offered: Yoga, HIIT, barre, prenatal yoga, and meditation

Build your own yoga practice at home with Down Dog. The app’s extensive video library includes multiple types of yoga, including Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin, gentle flows, strength flows, and more. Down Dog’s sessions vary in difficulty, so the app is a good choice for beginners starting their yoga journey or yogis deep into their practice. Testers say the classes are challenging but attainable. To further customize your experience, you can select your duration, background music, and what body part you want to focus on (great if you struggle with lower back pain) and choose between six different yoga instructors to guide your session. With all the customization options, Down Dog promises you’ll “never get the same practice twice.” Testers agree saying they find it hard to get bored with this app.

Unlike other apps on our list that start with a lengthy questionnaire, using Down Dog is simple. Open the app, select your class preferences, and start the video. The calendar in the app’s “Journey” tab logs each session you complete and includes reference information about the poses during class. However, Down Dog doesn’t offer any interactive features like the opportunity to ask questions or get feedback on your practice.


  • On-demand yoga classes customized to your preferences
  • Pose library helps you familiarize yourself with the structure and benefits of poses used in class


  • No interactive features or opportunities for feedback
Download Down Dog

Best Online Personal Trainer for Cardio: Peloton

The Peloton app features thousands of classes all led by motivating, high-energy instructors.

At a Glance:

  • Price: $13/month for Peloton App One, $24/month for Peloton App+ (deeper discounts for yearly subscription)
  • Functions: Pre-recorded workout sessions and live classes
  • Available For: iOS, Android, and web access
  • Equipment Needed: Running gear, yoga mat, weights, and/or gym access for Peloton App One; Stationary bike, treadmill, and/or rowing machine for Peloton App+
  • Workouts Offered: Strength, yoga, outdoor running, and gym workouts (Peloton App One); Cycling, treadmill running, and rowing machine (Peloton App+)

The Peloton app is hard to beat for the widest range of cardio workouts. This online personal training app has two versions. The Peloton App One gives subscribers access to a library of strength, yoga, stretching, running, meditation, and gym workouts. Peloton App+ subscribers get access to even more workouts including spin, treadmill, and rowing classes. Each category offers a wide selection of live and pre-recorded classes, featuring high-energy instructors. “I’ve been using the app for six months, and the upper body and interval workouts are my favorite,” says tester Chloe Sisson. “No matter the class, the instructors are always motivational and make me want to work harder.”

While there is no one-on-one coaching, Peloton stands out for its community support. During live workouts, a leaderboard displays each participant’s name. “The leaderboard shows if someone is hitting a milestone, like a 50th ride, and you can send them a virtual high five for encouragement,” says Sisson. “You can also ‘friend’ other users and schedule workouts or compete in challenges together.”


  • Wide range of cardio workout options, instructors, styles, music, programs, and lengths
  • Detailed metric tracking during and after workouts
  • Emphasis on community support and engagement


  • No personalized workouts, just video instruction
  • No opportunity to ask for feedback from instructors
Download Peloton

What Is an Online Personal Trainer?

An online personal trainer is a fitness professional or program that provides personalized workout plans, guidance, and support entirely through digital platforms such as websites, apps, emails, or video calls. Online personal trainers offer tailored exercise routines, nutrition advice, and accountability to help clients achieve their fitness goals.

A few noticeable differences exist between working with a personal trainer face-to-face versus online. First, an online personal trainer cannot manually position your body or provide physical adjustments to improve your form and technique. Also, while some apps, like FlexIt, allow for real-time feedback and guidance, most personal training apps do not. However, there are many benefits to online personal training compared to in-person training, namely the savings in cost, convenience, efficiency, and comfort.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Online Personal Trainer for You


Most online personal trainers are accessible via apps for iOS and Android. If you have a fitness tracker, watch, or wearable, double-check the personal trainer app you’re interested in is compatible with your device.


Consider the level of care or involvement you want from your online personal trainer and how much support you need to reach your goals. Some platforms, like FlexIt, offer live, virtual coaching. Other apps, like Future, start with a video consultation and then rely on text and video messaging as you dive into the program. Some apps, like Peloton, let users choose from a selection of pre-recorded based on their goals but don’t involve any direct interactions with a personal trainer.


The more interaction you have with your personal trainer, the more personalized the workouts usually are. However, some of the no-interaction platforms still provide a customizable experience because they offer a variety of workouts designed to meet different goals.


Make sure the app you chose offers the style of workout you enjoy, whether it’s yoga, HIIT, resistance training, or running. No matter how great the user experience is, if the app doesn’t have workouts you like, you probably won’t use it very often. If you’re working with an online personal trainer, make sure they have the expertise needed to help you reach your goals.

Equipment Needed

Before selecting an online personal training program, make sure you have the equipment required for that app. With some programs, like Future or Caliber, your coach will design the workouts around your equipment, whether that’s access to a full gym or no equipment at all.


Online personal trainers vary greatly in cost. On the lower end, you’ll find apps that cost around $15 per month and offer guided workouts. On the higher end, you’ll find apps that cost over $100 per month for private one-on-one training sessions or customized training plans. Consider what features are most important to you and which online personal training programs best match your budget.

How We Chose the Best Online Personal Trainers

To choose the best online personal trainers, we looked at the most highly rated virtual personal training platforms, online personal training apps, and individual personal trainers offering online coaching services. Each platform on our list offers credentialed, experienced experts or coaches ready to support beginner, intermediate, and advanced exercisers. Several fitness enthusiasts and professionals tested more than 60 workout apps and evaluated each for several features including:

  • User experience: Does the app deliver on its intended use during a full use period (i.e. a single workout or workout program)? Does it have a simple interface that’s easy to navigate? Are there any bugs that inhibit use?
  • Tech capabilities: Does the app use your phone’s capabilities in a unique way? Does it integrate with other fitness tech such as a heart rate monitor or wearable? Do these features function as designed, or are they finicky?
  • Design: Is the app easy to navigate? Can you find all the functions you need quickly? Does it provide an intuitive user experience overall?
  • Value: Does the app’s cost align with its features? Is it comparable to other products in its category?
  • Customer reviews: What are customers saying about this app? Are there common issues/complaints among reviews? What rating does it have on consumer review sites, such as the App Store, Google Play, Trustpilot, etc.?

Who Is an Online Personal Trainer Best For

A lot of people may find online personal training beneficial, particularly if you want a custom workout plan, have limited access to fitness equipment, travel often, or feel uncomfortable in regular gym settings. In many cases, online personal trainers offer the same level of support and guidance as in-person training, but often at a fraction of the cost and on a more convenient schedule.

Online Personal Trainer FAQs

How Much Should I Pay for an Online Trainer?

That depends on your budget and your goals. The cost for online personal training varies depending on the features and services the app provides. Typically, costs for online personal training range from about $15 per month to a couple hundred dollars per month ($100–$400).

Do I Need a Personal Trainer?

Not necessarily, but customized workouts may be beneficial depending on your goals. Trainers offer accountability, motivation, and personalized guidance, which can help minimize injury and maximize results. However, if you’re self-motivated with a solid base of fitness knowledge, a personal trainer might not be necessary.

How Often Should I See a Personal Trainer?

As often as you need to stay accountable. Beginners or those with specific goals may want to meet with a trainer a few times each week. But you might not need to see your personal trainer every time you work out. As you progress, you may transition to meeting with a trainer once a week for check-ins and program adjustments.

What Is the Difference Between a Fitness Coach and a Personal Trainer?

They are pretty similar, and the terms might often be used interchangeably. While both fitness coaches and personal trainers provide guidance and support to help you reach your goals, they tend to differ in approach. A personal trainer typically focuses on designing exercise programs, while a fitness coach generally takes a more holistic approach, addressing not only exercise but also nutrition and lifestyle habits.

The Takeaway: Is an Online Personal Trainer Right for You?

If you’re just starting your fitness journey, or have a specific goal in mind, a personal training app may offer the guidance you need. Working with an online personal trainer is a more flexible, convenient, and private way to get customized exercise and weight loss support than meeting with a trainer in person. Before choosing the best online personal trainer for you, consider the type of workouts you like, your budget, the exercise equipment available to you, and, most importantly, the level of interaction you want with your coach.

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